About Us

The Links, Incorporated and The Gateway (IL) Chapter

The late Sarah Strickland Scott and the late Margaret Hawkins founded The Links, Incorporated in 1946 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today, The Links, Incorporated is an international service organization with more than 10,000 members in 283 chapters.
The organization is committed to education, civic and cultural activities in The Arts, Services to Youth, Health and Human Services, National Trends and Services, and International Trends and Services. Through these program facets, the organization is involved in efforts to enhance the lives of peoples of African descent.
The boundary of the Gateway (IL) Chapter encompasses both Illinois and Missouri. Organized by Dr. Lillian Adams Parks and chartered May 5, 1986, the chapter is the Original Bi-state Chapter in The Links, Incorporated.

NATIONAL and CENTRAL AREA of The Links, Incorporated
Past and Present Committees and Assignments

Vivian Adams 
Central Area Chapter Establishment

Rose Coleman 
Central Area Chapter Establishment, 2014-2015
Scorer, Biennium Program Reports, 2015-2016

Thelma V. Cook 
Central Area Representative, The Links Foundation, Incorporated

Karen Haley Douglas
National Chair, Women’s Issues and Empowerment
National Services to Youth Committee

Johnetta Randolph Haley 
National Alumna, Platinum Members Affairs Committee
National Parliamentarian
National Chairs Constitution and Bylaws Committee
National Strategic Planning Committee

Carletta J. Harlan, Ed.D
Scorer, Biennium Program Reports, 2012-Present

Cheryl Jones 
National Director, National Trends and Services

Lillian A. Parks, PhD
National Rituals Chair
Central Area Parliamentarian

Mary A. Polk
Central Area Transition Team

Judy Woods Williams
Central Area Secretary